Most Dangerous Things People do while Driving

car accidentWhen ranking the dangerous things people do while they are supposed to be driving, distracted driving has to be at the top of the list.

Texting is such a significant problem across the country that states or communities have issued laws forbidding it. Still, while driving on city streets or the interstate highway, you will observe countless people engaging in this activity. These people are easy to spot; they will be weaving in and out of their lane while attempting to text and drive. Should someone pull out of a cross street or some emergency occur in front of them they will not have the time to observe and react properly.


Likewise, talking on a cell phone is nearly as bad. The driver will take his eyes off the road to answer the phone or punch in a phone number. During those few seconds, they are not watching the road and the vehicle is not under complete control.


If you see a minivan with those decals with a family depicted on them, a very popular thing today, you should be prepared. There is a strong likelihood that the driver will turn in his/her seat to correct a member of the family. Again, their attention is not where it should be. The time to discipline a child in the car is after you have pulled over, not while traveling at 70 mph on a crowded highway.

Helpful Road Safety Tips for new Drivers

When you finally get your license and out on the road it is a very exciting thing. New drivers are so excited, and feel they have learned all they need to know; through driver’s education and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some things new drivers need to know are basic and very important.

Road Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for new drivers to help make their experience a safe one:

#1 Always remember to wear your seatbelt. It’s the law, and it helps keep you safe.

#2 Illegal amounts of alcohol are dangerous, and against the law.  It is especially dangerous if you are going to get behind the wheel of a car, and attempt to drive.  For your safety it is wise to call someone, or take a cab to get to your destination.

Review: Fenix HP20 Headlamp – A good lamp for the speciality user

Once again, a heartfelt thanks to Vitus for allowing me to test the HP20 for a short time. Vitus works for an oil pipeline company and his job, amongst lots of other things, involves going into the pipeline and identifying faults, whether potential or actual, and getting them repaired. In such a job, as you can imagine, a reliable and bright headlamp with a long runtime is of major importance.

Editor rating

  • 9/10 All-around amzing gear


  • Extremely tough
  • Powerful output
  • Excellent runtime


  • Company advertising claims

The Fenix HP20 headlamp

The HP20 runs on four AA alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The battery pack is far too heavy to carry on your head so the batteries are housed in a separate case which you can attach to your belt.

The headlamp is connected to the batteries with a cable. The cable has an illuminated switch so you don’t need to reach up to your head or down to the battery case to fumble through the different modes.

Fenix claims that the HP20 ‘can effectively satisfy various high-intensity demands when cycling, searching and caving.’



The Fenix HP20 has the following dimensions:

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bag keeps me organized even at home

I love my best hanging toiletry bag so much that it is still hanging in my bathroom, keeping my toiletries organized and I have been home from our most recent travels for two months.

Best Hanging Toiletry Bag

After so many months on the road it became habit. I know where everything is and it is quick and easy. Plus, if we go away for a night or a weekend, my packing is part way done.

As much as I love my hanging toiletry bag at home, it is even better when we travel! There are so many compartments that I can organize everything I need, zip it up, drop it in my backpack and I am set.

When I get to my destination, I simply unzip it, lift up the flap and hang it on a towel rack, shower curtain rod, light pole or use my creativity to find a spot when none of those things exist. Worst case scenario, it will stand up on a counter. When we have a shared bathroom accommodation, I zip it back up after washing up and it easily returns to my room.

I looked at several different bags before selecting the Sea to Summit TravellingLight Hanging Toiletry Bag. My favorite features of this bag (and the things I would recommend you look for if you chose a different one):

  • The compartments on the flap have zippers so my belongings don’t fall out when I close it down to zip it up.
  • It comes in two sizes. I like the large as I tend to travel with full size bottles, have a bit of make-up and several girly items. Hubby prefers the small as his manly items take up less space.
  • So many colors to chose from makes it easy for everyone in the family to have their own and easily identify it.
  • The hook is an open loop like a hanger. This offers many more options to hanging that a loop which can only be hung on a hook (and there isn’t always a hook in hotels, hostels, etc.)
  • I have used other Sea to Summit products and to date have been happy with all of them. You can read a review of one of my favorites, Silk Sleeping Bag Liner.

I am not big on reading all the technical specs, so I will just add that my hanging toiletry bag is lightweight, durable, cleans up easily and has stood up to an enormous amount of traveling, visiting over 42 countries with me.

My Silk Sleeping Bag Liner travels everywhere with me

My silk sleeping bag liner turned out to be one of my most used items as I traveled around the world.

I found it useful when camping, staying in hostels or backpackers, and even in some hotels. While it is designed to go inside a sleeping bag, adding up to 6C (10F) degrees of warmth and reducing the frequency of washing the main bag, I found many other uses for it.

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Actually, as I traveled around the world, I chose not to carry sleeping bags, only a silk bag liner. At only 136g (4.8 ounces) it was barely noticeable in my baggage, but really important on the nights I wanted it, as these were mostly because I was unsure of my environment. If the sheets looked a bit too worn, or worse, I could simply pop into my silk sleeping bag liner and use the questionable hotel bedding as a covering.

One of my favorite features of Sea to Summit Traveler silk sleeping bag liner is the built in pillow case, as often it is the pillow that I question the most. Sometimes I just don’t want to lay my head on it. Once it is safely inside the bag liner’s pillow case, I can rest on my silk without worry.

There were several brands and models of silk sleeping bag liners to choose from, and I am really happy with my choice. We have put it to the test and the rip-stop nylon seems to be holding up great. I like the attached storage bag as it can never be lost. It is attached at the bottom to an outer corner and not noticeable when I sleep. In the morning I just stuff it all back into the the tiny storage bag and I am ready to go. The video below suggestions folding, but I never really saw the point of that.